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Monica Lynn| CEO | Monica Writes

Monica Miller CEO Monica Writes

Monica Miller

CEO Monica Writes

DenPeeps Interview


Your business history, not just WHEN you started but HOW and WHY?
What was it out there that you saw needed to exist to solve specific problems people have?

Monica Miller:

I knew from an early age that I was going to do something in writing when I “grew up” and determined that I wanted to be a freelance writer one day. I was homeschooled and knew that was something I wanted to do with my own children. I also liked the fact that with Freelance Writing, I would have flexibility for I do not like the feeling of working a 9-5 job. I decided to attend college to gain a professional background before I launched my freelance writing career. I started to gain professional writing clips while in college by interning and taking all the classes I could that had to do with writing. I also interned after I graduated from college and worked at a nonprofit where I tried to work on honing in my writing skills.

One of the reasons why I choose my field, and it’s not only because I enjoy writing and being a grammar Nazi, but because there’s a need for people to KNOW people to edit or writes important tasks for them, such as their newsletters, blogs, or another writing marketing tool. Writing is YOUR credibility and when you don’t look good in content, then your company or business doesn’t either. I want to help people look good. I want people to know that I exist because I have a passion for making their brand stand out by their content. I understand how important content is. And what better way to allow someone to work on your content than a writer who you know and trust already?

Now that is part of my passion. The other part of my passion is to help people transform lives. My why of my business is changing because I am understanding that when I write my blogs or even the book I’m working on, it’s all about helping others out; it’s about transforming lives. I now know that the reason I started my business is because I want lives to be changed. Words have power and I want to use that power to encourage someone. I want someone to walk away from their computer feeling good about themselves because of a blog or article I wrote. I love working with positive people who want to make a difference in someone else’s life today.


What knowledge did you WISH you had before you started your business?

Monica Miller:

One knowledge I wish I had before starting my business is that owning your own business means you’re on a personal development ride. It’s a journey to discover yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, what you love about your business, what you hate, what you’re good at what and you’re not good at.  Most of the time, I don’t like what I did or said, and it make me doubt myself and my capabilities. I have to remind myself that no one is perfect and we all mess up from time to time. I have to give myself grace (which is difficult sometimes) and remind myself that I have to learn and move on. Who can fault you for learning? Sometimes this ride is lonely, discouraging, and stressful. But I have to remember to take this one day at a time and to revisit my goal every day to remind myself that one day, I will be better at running my business and I will have learned the skills it takes to work with people effectively. In the meantime, I will have to continue to learn, grow, give grace to myself, and focus on small victories, because we all need to celebrate the small victories in our lives and in ourselves.


What ethical problems in your industry did you want to solve and make better?

Monica Miller:

As a writer, the ethical problems in my industry is plagiarism, which runs rampant across the internet. I understand Google is trying to help stop plagiarism by penalizing websites that have stolen copy from another, but it’s still a customer’s worst nightmare. A customer doesn’t want to find out later than their content in which they paid a writer to do is actually plagiarized. This means their website will be penalized by Google, which hurts their sales, leads, and most importantly, their reputation as being a credible company. How do I solve this? I let my clients know that my content is 100% original and it says so in my contract. That is one way a client can know that I’m holding myself accountable to myself and to them. If I do, however, use a quote from another site, then I make sure that I put the website and name of the person who said that quote inside of the content that I write. As a writer, I respect myself too much to allow myself to plagiarize and I care too much for my client to do this thing to their reputation. It’s not only their credibility at stake, but mine also.


What advice would you give to a person just out of college?

Monica Miller:

To live your dream. Whatever that may be, to live it and let no one tell you you cannot do it. Focus on the end goal and know where you will be at in 5, 10, or 15 years. Another advice is to get a coach in the area you are going into. This coach can teach you how to move further in your career faster, which means getting you to your goal at a quicker pace. We cannot do life on our own, so why take 10 years to move forward when you could be living your dream in 5 years or less? Coaches are there to help you succeed; use their wisdom and take advantage of their services. You’re investing in yourself and that’s the most important person to invest in, especially after graduating from college.


How do you plan your week/ day?

Monica Miller:

I plan my day by having a To Do List (yes, I’m a list taker). The day before, I usually write a list of accomplishments I would like to achieve the next day. I will write it down on a scrap piece of paper or in my daily planner. I also have a notepad on my smart phone where I put in my ideas for blogs, books I’m writing, as well as to-do items I would like to see crossed off my list.  When I cross jobs off my list, I see how quickly it gets done, which gives me more motivation to get more done. When I have the entire sheet crossed off, I feel very accomplished and I know I can shut down my laptop knowing I was productive and focused on my tasks.

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