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JP and Monika Krause Krause Family Spirits

JP and Monika Krause CEO Krause Family Spirits

JP & Monika Krause Shimamoto

CEO Krause Family Spirits

DenPeeps Interview


Your business history, not just WHEN you started but HOW and WHY?
What was it out there that you saw needed to exist to solve specific problems people have?

JP & Monika Krause

It’s our love story. We met while both working at a hotel in CO Springs, and felt as if our love truly was the impossible made possible. Traveling half way around the world taking a chance on following your heart.

“The fact that I mistakenly would mix up the words for pig & plum in Polish, made for some fun times at the deli; and thus Monika started calling me her ‘little piggy’,” -JP

We started off playing with flavors that we both loved. JP, being a local chef, understands how to add flavors for bold and warm characteristics. Monika, being born in the Polish region of world class vodkas, has a keen palate for clean and smooth flavors. The marriage of the bold & beautiful, as they say, really worked out in our favor. We made it true to ourselves, and became unique as well.

Why not call it flying pig then, you might ask. SQUEAL is an adult beverage, and it’s great to have a sense of humor in life. It lends itself to catchy phrases which play on our what our fun brand is all about.

Our generation is much different than ones before, and people are allowing themselves to enjoy life daily. Basically, no one wants to relax with their friends camping on the weekend and drink an old boring nationally named product; but instead have some fun, drink locally, experience quality and hash-tag some fun catch lines using SQUEAL. I am sure you can think of a couple #’s, without us having to hint at any.


Tell me about your worst nightmare in customer service?

JP & Monika Krause

The biggest fear, and nightmare for us and our company would be that we don’t remember where we came from. We love the people we do business with, network with, and deal with day to day. If we get successful, we want to use our time and money to help those people just starting out, and maintain our long term relationships. We don’t want to become one of those big companies that forget about the people aspect of business, and for us, the people we are connected with are like another family.


What advice would you give others in your industry starting a business?

JP & Monika Krause:

It takes guts to put yourself  out there. In any business really it takes guts just to show up. Being a chef, you face critiques every day and thus you get a little bit of a tough skin. But being able to really listen to the critiques, grow from it, and have the confidence to get right back in the game and do it again, has been the basis for us. The ability to put yourself in front of the world, being truthful and honest to who you are, really is the biggest key.


What advice would you give to a person just out of college?

JP & Monika Krause:

Have fun, do what you love, experience life, and make mistakes. You will learn more from your mistakes than you did in all your classes.


What is your favorite part of the day?

JP & Monika Krause:

Lunch, it’s good to step away from work to refresh.


Do you work with your family? What are some of the good points and some of the bad ones?

JP & Monika Krause:

We are a husband and wife team, and it is amazing. We can bounce ideas off each other, without it being a big deal because we are around each other so much. We both share the passion together and it helps because we are both in it 100%. The bad news is, we both get stressed at the same time, although it helps to be at it together!

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