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Devin Bewley | CEO | Legacy Properties-PM

Devin Bewley CEO Legacy Properies-PM

Devin Bewley

CEO Legacy Properties-PM

DenPeeps Interview

Devin Bewley has been in the real estate and property management business for nearly twenty years. His company, Legacy Properties-PM, helps property owners by finding tenants and handling all landlord management issues. He sat down with DenPeeps to offer his advice about running a business.


What was your worst nightmare in customer service?


When my plumbers were sent out to take care of a tenant’s emergency, and called to let her know they were on the way, this tenant said that if they showed up, her mother would kill them. That was unusual, at the very least. To work around that, I show up with the contractors. We try to do our work when she’s not there, but if there are two different groups of people there, she handles things much better. She’s at least civil. That means I’m sitting around for however long it takes, but that’s what it takes to get the job done, so I do it.


What advice would you give for someone starting a business in real estate?


Interview as many people in the industry as you can to get a feel for what it really is like. For what the rough times and good times are like. Compare that to what kind of family life and personal life you want to have. If you can’t deal with being on-call all the time, every day of the week, the property management probably isn’t for you.


How do you schedule your time off?


I do have to schedule it, as I do most everything else in my life. I also pre-plan, so that I stay in contact with my business at all times. I have to be reachable, in case of an emergency. So I don’t plan going camping in the middle of the mountains. Last year my family and I went to Disneyland for a week, I was still handling any issues that came up. I also made sure all my properties were rented before I left.


How do you plan your day?


Probably the one thing that allows my family to work as well as it does, is that I do plan my day. It goes into my calendar. If it’s not in my calendar, it doesn’t exist. Every time I put something in my calendar, I copy my wife on it so her calendar looks like my calendar. So she has some idea of what I’m doing and where I’m going. Which saves a lot of time at the end of the day so we both know what’s going on tomorrow. If my calendar changes, I change it in my actual calendar so it updates hers as well. I schedule most of my life in fifteen-minute increments.
The biggest piece of technology that helps out with that is Google apps and Google Drive. We’re a paperless office so all of our documents are uploaded into Google Drive so we have access to it anywhere I happen to be. We also use a back-end system called Buildium to help keep track of all our properties.


What’s the best “oldest trick in the book”?


Empathy. Communication. Getting to know the people. If you have a good one-on-one connection with the tenant, you’re going to get better results. And you really can tell what kind of a person you’re dealing with, rather than those companies who only deal with tenants online. They rent properties to people who haven’t actually come out and seen it. They’ve never talked to them. None of that really tells you who that person is, all you’re seeing is what’s on paper. If you’ve ever applied for a loan, then you know what “on paper” is. It doesn’t really tell the story of who you are. What situation you’ve gone through, what’s happened in your life, any of that kind of thing. So that’s the oldest trick, you’ve got to have empathy, you’ve got to know the people, you’ve got to be able to talk with them.

Pick up the phone and call 720 989 1996 and Devin WILL find you the best tenants for your home rental property in Colorado!
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